Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Sunday was another great day downtown. We had a group of 20 people go downtown with us and we had 29 hungry fellas waiting on us when we arrived. Going back to the parking lot has made a big difference. Lots of people have shown up the past two weeks.

The weather is getting colder and the men are starting to ask for things like blankets, hats, and coats. Last night I considered turning on the heat in my house, in the end I didn’t cave. I am clinging to the warm weather as long as I can. I’m in denial that I’ll have to change wardrobes soon, mainly because I don’t want to give up open-toed shoes and have to wear socks. But today, when I’ve been outside, I’ve been cold. I have on a blouse and a light knit wrap over it but I am still cold and of course, if I’m cold… I’m thinking of the fellas downtown and wondering if they are cold. Today a friend of mine asked me if we’d like some blankets. I’m so excited about getting those blankets because I know the people that can use them. By that I don’t just mean I know they can be used but I am putting faces to those blankets and I want the people I know to be warm.

I had jeans on this past Sunday when I was downtown, but I was still wearing sandals. R asked me if my feet were cold. They weren’t. We stood there and talked about how beautiful the day was and how the weather was cooling off. Talking to someone who is homeless puts a whole new spin on the weather cooling off. When I think of cold weather, I think of cuddly pjs, cozy sweaters, tall boots, warm blankets, hot chocolate, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. Those are the things I’d normally talk about with someone I was discussing the fall air with. But, I’m pretty sure my homeless friend had none of those thoughts. I tried to remember his situation as I talked to him. It’s just a whole different ball game for him. Spending time with people who have so little really opens your eyes to how much we have and how much we take for granted. I really need to just be grateful I have socks to put on and let my open-toe shoes go for the winter.

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  1. go sweetie! you are such an inspiration to me! I love you and miss you and am praying for you and the men. Gratitude and thankfulness are abundant-living keys, I think. They really bleed away poison.