Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Super Christian or Not

Last week I told you that I had been worried about burning out. But that wasn't totally it. I felt like maybe I was a little bit of a fraud. That maybe I wasn't a good enough Christian to be going downtown. If the people downtown don't know Christ, then I would be representing something they didn't know and I am sooo far away from being a "super" Christian.

As I said, I don't take lightly that God has given me this opportunity each week. I think it is an honor and a gift from God because otherwise I just wouldn't even be able to show up each week. And, it is changing my life, my relationship with God and the people around me. God is definitely teaching me and loving me with this ministry.

These past couple of weeks, the ministry has made a few changes and again I feel lucky. While I am intimidated by the changes, I'm sort of wondering what I'm going to get to see God do because of them.

This past Sunday I got to talk to C about making changes in his life and finding a way off the street. Two hours before I saw C, I would have thought that I would never be able to have that sort of conversation. But when we started talking it just happened and it didn't scare me. I care about C, as does everyone involved with the ministry. I wasn't alone in talking to C. A couple of other folks were there too. I still have a lot to learn but what an honor God gave me to just get to stand next to him, pray and tell him he mattered. I don't feel so much like a fraud now because I feel like God used me and He knew what He was doing and He gave me what I needed to do it. He made it possible. It wasn't really me. I just got the honor of being there.

This past week's lesson is don't count yourself short in what God is using you to do. If God gives you something to do, then do it with confidence because of who God is. He knows what he is doing.

And I am still not a super Christian. This next week, God might use me to hand out napkins and I'm ok with that. Whatever He wants, I want to be there.

Please pray for C.

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  1. You make everyone feel like they're your top priority when you speak to them. I'm not going to comment on the Super Christian stuff -- that's between you and God. You are a super person, though, and I don't mean that lightly. You listen well. You speak when you need to. You are honest. Don't sell yourself short. If I was God, I'd be thrilled to have you in my toolkit. ;)