Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today the homeless helped me

After the worship service this morning, I was walking down a hall I don't normally walk down in order to get to my new Sunday School class location. This hall took me past boxes and boxes of donated items for the biscuit ministry. Now years ago, I had heard someone started a ministry for the homeless at my church but I didn't know it was still going on until recently and I certainly didn't know any details about it. I still don't. But, as I walked past all the boxes of things I started to think about the hands & feet who would be delivering it all and the people who would be receiving it. I couldn't help but say a little prayer for them. I am sort of looking forward to passing all those boxes each week from now on and getting to see how the items change. I will not take that walk for granted. Each week I will be blessed by it and I will pray for the people that I don't even know who are involved on both ends of that ministry.

All week I've been looking forward to seeing my friends downtown. When I tell you they are a blessing to me, well that doesn't really convey it all. There truly are no words to describe what it's like to just have the opportunity to show up and love somebody because of who God is. He is love. But today after lunch I was feeling a little down and a little hopeless myself and I just didn't know of what use I would be or could be. But as always, God was good to me. The minute I got out of the car under the overpass my woes started to disappear and I began to just see the men who had come for food, necessities, and company. Plus, JM asked me to do the needs list, that's simply just taking down any needs that people have so that we can try to help fill them. I was grateful to have a task to do to help keep the woes away. I immediately noticed Q, C and T were not there. Q and C always show up so I'm a little worried about them. I heard Q was in church today but I'm still a little worried. I hope C is alright and, of course, you know from last week I was already worried about T. Please keep them in you prayers.

All that said, Here is where my great blessing came from today, it was from talking to J, a fella I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, the guy who gave away his sandwich. J doesn't seem to be your average homeless fella. He's clearly very educated and loves the Lord. He is a definite example on how you can make a bad decision or face difficult circumstances, struggle with it and still love God. Right before we left today, RC and I were talking with him. He was talking about his faith and how hard it is to trust God sometimes. But he said, "God is mighty and He is all you need, you just have to remember that." J explained that sometimes you get knocked down and that's what you need. How you grow from such times, thats what makes you who you are and we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Today J told me what I needed to hear because I was ready to count God out on my problem. I'm still not sure what God is going to do. I've been praying about it for years and years but I shouldn't count God out. That'd be a bad move.

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