Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Have Got it Made!

Since I last wrote in my blog, I experienced problems with my shower. I only have one bathroom in my house so I don’t have options when it comes to bathing. So, I called a plumber to come out and put in a new shower (valves, faucets, shower head, overflow etc) only it seems that since my house is 50 years old, my plumber couldn’t find the right length stems to go through my walls for my faucets. He put everything else in… but not the faucets. Then he left and wished me luck. So, in case all the above doesn’t makes sense, it all boils down to I paid someone to install a new shower for me but in the end he left me without a working shower.

Clearly, the first thing I did was panic. But luckily my Dad came over and came up with an idea he thought might work and got to work on it. While I waited to find out if I was going to be able to use my shower. I started to wonder if I could survive without a shower for a while. You know, like maybe I could go over to my folks’ house each night for my shower or start boiling water on the stove and fill my bathtub the old fashioned way. The idea made me laugh. How ridiculous! But then it hit me, according to many folks I know, I’ve still got it made. I still had water. I could still do laundry, brush my teeth, and wash my dishes. Not only that, I had electricity. I had heat and television and so many other things that many people I know don’t have. I remember one of my friends from downtown telling me how he collected rainwater over a couple of weeks in a bucket and that is how he washed a pair of his pants. I had to feel a little guilty. Because even without a shower, I know my friends downtown would still say I have it very good. And it’s true. I do. Even without knowing folks who live on the streets, just comparing my life with folks in other countries, I still have it good. I spent a little time in Moldova in 2009 and while the people there did have electricity, almost no one had any plumbing to speak of. Each day the women in villages would walk to a neighborhood well and get their water for the day.

Thinking this way put everything in perspective a little bit. We are so spoiled in this country. We have it so good. But, I’m not going to lie to you. I really wanted my shower fixed and luckily my dad was able to do it. I really do have it made.

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