Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lot or Prayer Requests

Once again, I have let the blog go without an update. The main reason for this is because I was beginning to think I was too crazy, too awkward, and too outspoken. I thought I needed to step back, be quiet and regain a normal reputation.

Although I won't promise to keep this blog up regularly every week, I have decided that I don't want to be quiet. It seems crazy to be quiet when I'm getting to see God do soooo much.

Today I learned that "G", one of the guys I told you about last September, has gone back into recovery. I knew that he might go but there is a lot that goes on between the "might" and the actual "go." Please keep "G" in your prayers. It wasn't an easy thing for him to do. Pray for him to have courage, that he will make good decisions, that he will be surrounded by the right people for support and that he will continue to grow in his relationship with the Lord. That relationship is what will make the difference.

The ministry also recently had its first graduate from a recovery program. I never met "T" before he went into recovery but I have met him since. I think he's pretty amazing, because what the Lord has done for him is pretty amazing. I couldn't help but think of how this is the season we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord; How He lived, died and rose again so that we could have new life. That is exactly what this fella is experiencing now. Please keep him in your prayers as well because the challenges he faces are not over and the opportunities before him are pretty great.

Today I spent a good bit of time talking with "J". It was my first time to meet him. I just happened upon him and another fella from the ministry talking. The conversation started off kind of light but it turned serious. "J" spoke about his alcoholism and how he was wrestling with it. We also talked about salvation and what that means. Like many people living on the streets, he has gotten a hold of some bad theology. He is struggling to be good for his salvation. When we talked about how he could have a different life he seemed unsure of being worthy and he said he was to old to try and change. God is, of course, bigger than those excuses and thoughts. We shared that with him. "J" is truly struggling and searching for answers. Please pray for him this week. I think "J' wants a different life but he's going to have to understand that he can't get it by drinking.

The last prayer request I have for you is to please pray for the people making up the ministry. Many of them spend a lot of time each week with the folks they've met on the street. Pray for the conversations they have and for them to have wisdom in the opportunities that present themselves.

thank you my friends

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