Saturday, January 29, 2011

Urban Purpose

So just in case I'm a crazy girl, I've been reluctant to tell you any specific information about my Sundays. If I am crazy, I don't want it to reflect badly on the ministry I've been going downtown with or any of the people who are involved with it because they are not crazy. They are amazing! And almost every week I see them and just think, "Wow!" these are God's people and look at what they are doing for Him, BECAUSE of Him. Seriously, every week I am amazed!

One week upon my arrival to the church where we meet, about 10 guys came through a door and sort of fanned out with Bibles in their hands. And I swear, all of a sudden it's like they were moving in slow motion and I thought, "it's the army of the Lord with the sword in their hand, ready for battle." And they were. It was cooler than Leonids or his men could ever be.

And so you see, with statements like that above, I may seem nutty. But even so, it's amazing to see God at work. Without a doubt, our God is a mighty God.

For this reason, I want to share with you that the ministry has a new name and a new website. It's now called Urban Purpose. And I love it!

They just released a new video this weekend. It has many of the people in it that I've written about in my blog. They are my friends. They matter. God loves them and they need to know that.

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